Beautify Your Commercial Property

Count on us for commercial landscaping in Columbus, OH

With our landscaping services, you can make sure employees and customers alike feel welcome at your commercial location. John Peters Landscaping offers commercial landscaping services to make your outdoor space truly shine. We can fix up your storefront to make it look incredible.

We'll take on:

Shrub, tree and flower planting
Flower bed maintenance
Seasonal maintenance

Speak with a professional landscaper today about the commercial landscaping we perform in Columbus, OH.

Add mulch and new plants to your flower beds

Need commercial mulching services? We've got you covered. We have plenty of landscaping materials to work with, including bedding to put around your shrubs and trees. Whatever look you're going for on your commercial land, you can rest assured we'll bring your vision to life.

Depend on us for commercial mulching services in Columbus, OH. Call now.